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Hi Tek has done an excellent job for us over the last 7 years in regards to quality, pricing and turn around time. Because of this excellent service we still have not purchased in-house equipment and have no plans to in the future.

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Complete Balancing and Vibration Analysis and Equipment Repair Solutions

Hi-Tek Balancing, Inc. proudly serves the vibration analysis and industrial balancing needs of businesses of all sizes, both small and large. We have serviced equipment for companies throughout North America as well as internationally.

Industrial balancing and vibration analysis are essential to the proper operation and maintenance of a wide variety of scientific, industrial, and technical equipment. 

Over the years, we have earned the trust of our customers as a reliable, professional company. Our number one priority is saving time and money for all of our customers, while improving the products they manufacture. We bring expertise and experience to the table, along with a wide range of technical services, including:

  • Industrial dynamic balancing of any rotating machine component or assembly
  • Troubleshooting all rotating components
  • Machining, welding and repair of rotating machine parts
  • Predictive maintenance and vibration analysis of process plant machinery
  • On-site/in-place repair of rotating machinery
  • Pump repair

Call 978-840-9781 for all your equipment maintenance or repair needs, or use our contact page.


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